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WHAT IF – by Kurt April (October 2004)


What if you could be whole - truly whole

What if I am more than you see






If you can’t see me, I am unable to engage you

If you think my pain is different to yours

then you can’t see me, and be with me

What if you were truly awake to how you think

What if



The lies in your heart and the eloquence of your lips

betray your true intent,

when I can actually feel you, your essence

I can connect with the sound of your genuine

Your Spirit

What if you can recognise the other in you

What if you could see me

In your silence, my Spirit roused

What if actionable will is released

What if



Comparison defeats the Spirit and renders us simply flesh

Common ways defeat our joint possibility

If you can’t see the possibility

then I am forever destined to give less

Your justification of inactivity is tiring

what if you just acted

Love, beauty, Spirit, connection to God

you cannot take it from me

What if we could give it to each other

What if






Imagine if you could really see me

The sound of the genuine in me

What if it could be so

What if I could offer it to you

by choice

What if I really mattered

so that you could be truly whole

What if




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