Kurt April

Kurt April is currently the Allan Gray Chair, an Endowed Professorship, specialising in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Director of the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (South Africa, 1998-present), and is Adjunct Faculty of Saïd Business School (University of Oxford, UK, 2000-present).

About My Journey


Kurt April is currently the Allan Gray Chair, an Endowed Professorship, specialising in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Director of the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (South Africa, 1998-present), and is Adjunct Faculty of Saïd Business School (University of Oxford, UK, 2000-present).

Previously, he was a Faculty Member of Duke Corporate Education (Duke University, USA, 2008-2022), Research Fellow of Hult-Ashridge Business School (UK, 2004-2016), Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University (UK, 2014-2017), Visiting Professor at Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University, Netherlands, 2001-2013), and Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Economics & Econometrics (University of Amsterdam UvA, Netherlands, 2004-2007). 


Outside of academia, Kurt is the Managing Partner of LICM Consulting (South Africa, 2001-present), Managing Director: Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Practice at Oxford Acuity (Singapore, 2019 present), Shareholder and Director of the Achievement Awards Group (South Africa, 2007-present), Shareholder of bountiXP (Pty) Ltd (South Africa, 2019-present), as well as Ambassador of the global Unashamedly Ethical movement (2016-present).

Previously, he was an Owner-Director of Helderview BMW Somerset West (South Africa, 2010-2016), Chairman of the International Advisory Council (DIAC) to Novartis International AG (Switzerland, 2006-2019), Executive Director of Complex Adaptive Systems (South Africa, 2003-2006), Non-Executive Director of Power Group Holdings – Construction & Developments (South Africa, 2012-2018), Global Agenda Council Member (Talent & Diversity) of the World Economic Forum (Switzerland, 2009-2013), Non-Executive Director of the International School of Cape Town (Education Development Trust, UK, 2013-2019), and an Advisory Board Member to the Unit for Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement (DICE) at the University of Leicester (UK, 2015-2019).

Editorial Work

Kurt is a Series Editorial Board Member of Palgrave (Springer) on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization in Business (Switzerland), an Associate Editor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal (UK), an Associate Editor for Design Science (UK), an  Editorial Board Member of the European Management Review (UK), Editorial Review Board Member of the Africa Journal of Management (USA), and Editorial Board Member of Good  Governance, Ethics & Leadership (UK).

Previously, he was an Editorial Board Member of the British Journal of Management (UK), an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Management Education (USA), an Editorial Board  Member of Annual Review of High Performance Coaching & Consulting (UK), an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Information Systems & Social Change (USA),  Advisory Board Member of the Knowledge Management Professional Society (USA), and previously the Chief Editor of the Journal for Convergence (SA).


Kurt holds a doctoral degree in Economics & IT Strategy (Ph.D), Certificate in Japanese Production, Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), Masters degree in Electronic Engineering(MSc(ElecEng)), Higher Diploma in Education (HDE), Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (BSc(ElecEng)), National N6 Diploma in Electronic Engineering (NDip(EE)), National N6 Diploma in Logic Systems (NDip(LS)) completed at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), University of Oxford (UK), Wingfield College (South Africa) and AOTS Nagoya (Japan).

He has published 237 academic articles/book chapters/conference papers/reports/op-eds/dissertations, and written 12 books.

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My Books

06/04/2023 / POEMS

Leading from Values

What of truth? It is gold What of moral character? It is the biggest prize Values though. Enables truth Brings...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS

I can be your Keeper

Voice to me all of your dreams Let me hear the pain and struggle which forged it Show me your...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS

Journey Ended

What was Is What could be Eventually Did What I could be I became What I always had to be...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS

Weekend Rains

There are mornings In the surrounding garden Slight of sound A cooler touch to the skin A broken-up humid air...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS


Many forces Some seen, some not Interlaced Pushing towards an outcome Presents the happening Appearing as a whole Some notice,...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS

Necessary Imperfection to enact change

You are the change Being of service To the world Others Requires not a sense of belonging Requisite imperfection, vitality...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS

Beauty in Imperfection

Grief Can be silent, unseen Felt loss, hardship, trauma Loneliness Learning imperfection Left flawed Broken The heart’s usual whispers overtaken...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS

Stop Fighting Wholeness

Forcing things My strived-for persona is becoming obscure Why fight my darkness? Perfection remains tiring and demanding Elusive mostly Why...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS


Silence Long my enemy Demands my attention Silence Is a form of fluidity Not an enduring stillness … never stationary...
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06/04/2023 / POEMS


Pictures in my mind Dreaming Yesterday’s joys Not far away Treasures, gifts, details Some, fading with time People fire-blazed on...
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My Work


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  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (UK), 2009-present
  • Member of the Academy of Management (USA), 1998-present
  • Member of the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) (USA), 2014-present
  • Member of the International Leadership Association (ILA) (USA), 2019-present
  • Senior Member of the Community of Science (USA), 2003-present
  • Member of the American Psychological Association (USA), 2023-present
  • Member of d&I Leaders (UK), 2023-present
  • Member of the DEI Club (Denmark), 2023-present


  • Written and published 12 books.
  • Published 237 peer-reviewed academic papers, book chapters, conference papers, case studies, reports, op-eds/contemporary media, and dissertations.
  • Supervised 15 PhD students to successful graduation, and currently supervising 7 more.
  • Supervised 150 Masters (MPhil, MComm, EMBA, MBA, MSc, MHR) students to successful graduation, and currently supervising 5 more.
  • Supervised 3 Honours (BSc Hons) students to successful graduation.

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My Resume

Kurt holds a doctoral degree in Economics & IT Strategy (Ph.D), Certificate in Japanese Production (Cert.), Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), Masters degree in Electronic Engineering (MSc(ElecEng)), Higher Diploma in Education (HDE), Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (BSc(ElecEng)), National Trade Test Certificate (ElecMech), National Diploma in Electronic Engineering (NDip(EE)), National Diploma in Logic Systems (NDip(LS)) completed at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), University of Oxford (UK), Wingfield College (South Africa) and AOTS Nagoya (Japan). He has published 237 academic articles/book chapters/conference papers/reports/op-eds/dissertations, and written 12 books.

Prof. Kurt April, PhD is the Endowed Allan Gray Chair and Director of the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership (Chair since 2017), specialising in Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (South Africa, 1998-present), and is Adjunct Faculty of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (United Kingdom, 2000-present).

Previously, he was Orchestrator/Faculty Member for DukeCE, Duke University (United States of America, 2008-2022), Research Fellow of Ashridge Business School (United Kingdom, 2004-2016), Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University (United Kingdom, 2014-2017), Visiting Professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Netherlands, 2001-2013), and Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Econometrics, University of Amsterdam UvA, (Netherlands, 2004-2007).

Outside of academia, Kurt is the Managing Partner of LICM Consulting (South Africa, 2001-present), Managing Director: Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Practice at Oxford Acuity (Singapore, 2019-present), Shareholder and Director of Achievement Awards Group (South Africa, 2007-present), Shareholder of BountiXP (South Africa, 2019-present), as well as Ambassador of the global Unashamedly Ethical movement (2016-present). He plays a range of roles and consults to many companies and organisations around the globe, having worked in 24 countries.


UCT & Oxford

PhD (Economics & IT Strategy)

  • University of Oxford, UK, 1998-1999 (full-time)
  • University of Cape Town, SA, Jan 2000-Aug 2004 (part-time)
Mar 2001-Apr 2001 (full-time)
AOTS, Nagoya (Japan)

Certificate (Japanese Production)

Jan 1997-Dec 1997 (full-time)
University of Cape Town, SA

MBA, University of Cape Town, SA

Jan 1995-Jun 1996 (part-time)
University of Cape Town, SA

MSc(Eng) (Electronic Engineering)

Jan 1990-Dec 1994 (full-time)
University of Cape Town, SA

BSc(Eng) (Electrical Engineering)

Jan 1988-Dec 1988 (full-time)
University of Cape Town, SA

Higher Diploma in Education (HDE)

June 1986
Olifantsfontein Trade Test Centre

National Trade Test Certificate (Electronic Mechanician)

Jan 1983-May 1986 (part-time)
Wingfield College

National N6 Diploma (Electronics)

Jan 1983-Sep 1986 (part-time)
Wingfield College

National N6 Diploma (Logic Systems)


  • Leadership, Personal Mastery & Resilience
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
  • Gender & Intersectionality
  • Cross-Cultural & Cultural Intelligence Work
  • Values & Purpose
  • Narrative Inquiry, Storytelling 
  • Identity & Precarious Work
  • Dialogue, Feedback & Communication


  • Global and Local Board Experience (Executive, Non-Executive and Advisory)
  • Globally-Experienced Consultant
  • Entrepreneur & Business Owner
  • Editorial Board Experience & Reviewer for Academic Journals & Publishers
  • Lecturer, Researcher & Facilitator
  • External Examiner for other Universities



  • Director and Chaired Professor (Chair as of 2017) of the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (South Africa), Feb 1998-present.
  • Managing Director: Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Practice, Oxford Acuity (Singapore), Jun 2019-present.
  • Shareholder-Executive Director, Achievement Awards Group, Westlake, Cape Town (South Africa), Mar 2017-present (previously Non-Executive Director Dec 2007-2017).
  • Shareholder & Managing Partner, LICM Consulting, Constantia, Cape Town (South Africa), Feb 2001-present.
  • International Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council Member (Chairman, as of 2010-2019), Novartis International AG, Basel (Switzerland), Apr 2006-Jul 2019.
  • Non-Executive Director, International School of Cape Town (owned by Education Development Trust UK), Cape Town (South Africa), Jan 2013-Jun 2019.
  • Non-Executive Director, Power Group, Blackheath, Cape Town (South Africa), Jan 2012-Jun 2018.
  • Shareholder-Director, Helderview BMW, Somerset West, Cape Town (South Africa), Feb 2010-Jul 2016.
  • Global Agenda Council Member (Talent & Diversity), World Economic Forum, Geneva (Switzerland), Aug 2009-Jun 2013.
  • Non-Executive Director, Cornerstone Institute, Cape Town (South Africa), Aug 2010-Jun 2011.
  • Head of the International Advisory Faculty, Pacesetters Programme (Diversity & Inclusion), National Health Service (NHS), London (UK), Jan 2007-Dec 2009.
  • Director, Performance Through Inclusion SA, Plumstead, Cape Town (South Africa), Oct 2006-Jan 2009.
  • Executive Editor & Advisory Board Member, Axius Publishing (Journal for Convergence), Parkwood, Johannesburg (South Africa), Mar 2003-Dec 2008.
  • Owner-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems, Observatory, Cape Town (South Africa), Dec 2003-Apr 2006.
  • Research & Design Engineering Manager of Naval Electronic Systems, Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT), Simonstown, Cape Town (South Africa), Feb 1996-Jan 1997.
  • Process Computing Engineer in Nuclear Engineering, Eskom: Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, Duynefontein (South Africa), Oct 1995-Jan 1996.
  • Engineering Manager, Transnet: Spoornet & Metro Rail, Kimberley & Cape Town (South Africa), Jan 1995-Sep 1995.
  • Restaurant Manager, Golden Spur & Cincinnati Spur, Newlands & Pinelands, Cape Town (South Africa), Jul 1989-Feb 1990 & Dec 1988-Mar 1989.
  • High-School Teacher, Fairmount High School, Grassy Park, Cape Town (South Africa), Apr 1989-Jul 1989.
  • AudioVisual Technician, Katz International (KIC), Waterfront, Cape Town (South Africa), Oct 1987-Dec 1987.
  • Electronic Technician, Radio Autosonic, Cape Town (South Africa), Oct 1986-Sep 1987.
  • Electronic Mechanician Artisan and Apprentice, SA Naval Dockyard, Simonstown (South Africa), Jan 1983-Oct 1986.


  • FMCG: SABMiller (Global); Edrington (UK); Kelloggs (UK); Pioneer (SA); National Brands (SA); AVI (SA).
  • MEDIATV: MNET Supersport (SA); Independent Newspapers (SA); Multichoice (Global).
  • TECHNOLOGY: Bosch (Germany); MTC (Namibia); Etisalat (UAE); Nokia (Finland); Oracle (UK); MTN (SA); Microsoft (SA); Ixchange (SA); Emerald Technology (SA).
  • RETAIL: Metro (Germany); Wooltru – Woolworths-Truworths (SA).
  • TRANSPORT: Lufthansa (Germany); Dutch Railways (Netherlands); MAN / VW (Germany).
  • ENERGY: Petronas (Malaysia); Shell (Netherlands/UK); RWE (Germany); BP (SA); Innogy (UK); Engen (SA).
  • HEALTHCARE: NHS (UK); Novo Nordisk (Denmark); J&J (Global); Sandoz (Switzerland); Bayer (Germany); Novartis (Switzerland); Scottish Health Exec (UK); Discovery / AIA (Global); Beiersdorf (SA).
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: ANZ Bank (Australia); Zurich (UK); ABN AMRO (Netherlands); First Rand (SA); Absa (Africa); Standard Bank (Global); Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore / UK); Woolworths Financial Services (SA).
  • MINING: Anglogold Ashanti (Africa); NamDeb (Namibia); Debswana (Botswana); De Beers (SA / Namibia); Impala Platinum (SA).
  • HOSPITALITY: Marriott / Starwood Hotels (Global); Arabella-Sheraton Group (SA); Sun International (SA).
  • CONSTRUCTION / BUILDING: LafargeHolcim (Switzerland); Fletcher Insulation (Australia); Granbuild (SA); Power Group (SA); NMC (SA).
  • CONSULTING SERVICES: IBM (Global); Performance through Inclusion (UK); Neurozone (SA); Gaiasoft (UK); Aephoria (SA); ICap (SA); IQ Group (SA); IRG (SA).
  • EDUCATION: DukeCE (Global); University of Oxford (UK); University of Toronto (Canada); Cranfield University (UK); HEC Paris (France); Morehouse College (USA); Kellogg Business School (USA); GIBS (SA); University of Stellenbosch (SA); University of Witwatersrand (SA); IMD-RSM (Switzerland-Netherlands); Maastricht University (Netherlands); London Metropolitan University (UK); Ashridge-Hult Business School (UK); Rhodes College (USA); University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (USA); Michigan State University (USA); De Baak (Netherlands).
  • PUBLIC SECTOR: Dutch Police Service (Netherlands); Dubai Government (UAE); Prime Minister's Office (Namibia); CSIR (SA); INSETA (SA).


  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (UK), 2009-present
  • Member of the Academy of Management (USA), 1998-present
  • Senior Member of the Community of Science (USA), 2003-present
  • Member of the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) (USA), 2014-present
  • Member of the International Leadership Association (ILA) (USA), 2019-present
  • Member of the American Psychological Association (USA), 2023-present
  • Member of d&I Leaders (UK), 2023-present
  • Member of the DEI Club (Denmark), 2023-present


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training & Facilitation 
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Cross-Cultural Work
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Research
  • Lecturing


  • Emotional Maturity 
  • Networking
  • Team Leadership
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Public Speaking

Editorial & Journal Work

Oct 2022-present, Journal of Tropical Futures: Sustainable Business, Governance & Development (SAGE & James Cook University, Singapore)

Editorial Board Member


May 2022-present, specifically for books on ‘Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Indigenization in Business’ (Palgrave Macmillan-Springer Nature, USA)

Series Editorial Board Member


Aug 2020-present, Design Science (Cambridge University Press, UK) (impact factor: 3.19)

Associate Editor

Jul 2018-present, European Management Review (UK) (impact factor: 2.33)

Editorial Board Member

2015-present, Good Governance, Ethics & Leadership (UK)

Editorial Board Member 

2014-present, Africa Journal of Management (USA) (impact factor: 1.61)

Founding Editorial Review Board Member

Jan 2014-Jun 2018, European Management Review (UK) (impact factor: 2.33)

Associate Editor

2008-2019, Annual Review of High-Performance Coaching & Consulting (UK)

Editorial Board Member

2009-2011, Equal Opportunities International (UK), currently published as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – An International Journal (impact factor: 1.27)

Editorial Board Member

2009-2013, International Journal of Information Systems & Social Change (USA)

Editorial Board Member

2008-2012, South African Journal of Business Management (South Africa) (impact factor: 0.675)

Editorial Board Member

2003-2008, Journal for Convergence (South Africa)

Chief Editor

2022-present, International Journal of Management Reviews (UK) (impact factor: 13.42)



2022-present, The Journal of Black Psychology (USA) (impact factor: 3.681)



2022-present, Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture (UK) (impact factor: 1.13)



2020-present, Frontiers in Psychology (Organizational Psychology) (Switzerland) (impact factor: 2.990)


2020-present, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies (UK) (impact factor: 0.12)


2016-present, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – An International Journal (UK) (impact factor: 1.27)



2015-present, South African Journal of Business Management (South Africa) (impact factor: 0.675)


2014-present, Journal of Managerial Psychology (UK) (impact factor: 3.30)


2004-present, Academy of Management Journal (USA) (impact factor: 9.13)


2011-2014, British Journal of Management (UK) (impact factor: 6.10)

Editorial Board Member

2007-2013, Journal of Management Education (USA) (impact factor: 2.08)

Editorial Board Member

Previously, Management Learning (impact factor: 4.18)

Book Reviewer

Previously, Emerald (UK)

Book Reviewer


PreviouslyFinancial Times (UK)

Book Reviewer

Academic Experience

1998-present, University of Cape Town (South Africa): Graduate School of Business 

Allan Gray Chair, Director of the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership, and Professor of Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion


2000-present, University of Oxford (England, UK): Saïd Business School (and previously Templeton College) 

Adjunct Faculty (2019-present), and as an Associate Fellow (2000-2018) 


2008-present, Duke University (USA): Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) 

Faculty Member and Orchestrator


2014-2017, London Metropolitan University (UK)

Visiting Professor


2004-2016, Ashridge Business School (UK)

Research Fellow


2001-2013, Erasmus University (Netherlands): Rotterdam School of Management 

Visiting Professor


2008-2008, The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) (South Africa)

Visiting Professor


2004-2007, University of Amsterdam UvA (Netherlands): Faculty of Economics & Econometrics

Visiting Professor


2004-2007, De Baak Institute (Netherlands): De Baak 

Guest Lecturer


2005-2006, IMD (Switzerland): Partnership Programs with Rotterdam School of Management 

Guest Lecturer


2004-2006, University of Witwatersrand (South Africa): Witwatersrand Business School 

Guest Lecturer


2006-2006, Stellenbosch University (South Africa): Stellenbosch Business School 

Guest Lecturer


2005-2005, Maastricht University (Netherlands): Universiteit Maastricht Business School 

Guest Lecturer

Other teaching experience:

2019-present, University of Cape Town (South Africa) – Leading in a Technical Environment – Engineers, Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment, University of Cape Town


2018-present, Rhodes College, Memphis (USA) – Diversity & InclusionSouth African Practice – Psychology Majors, South African Tour


2017-present, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (UK) – Values-Based Leadership – Inclusive Business in Africa, Executive MBA South African Module


2013-present, HEC Paris (France) – Creating Inclusive Work Environments – Reinventing Business in Emerging Markets, South African Module


2019, University of Toronto (Canada) – Diversity & Inclusion – South African Tour


2008-2014, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (USA) – Responsible Leadership – One MBA Tour, while visiting South Africa each year


2007-2013, Northwestern University, Kellogg Business School (USA) – Leading from One’s Own Story – MBA GIM Tour, while visiting Southern Africa each year


2007-2007, Michigan State University (USA) – Leadership Issues in South Africa – Cape Town Entrepreneurship Tour


2006-2012, African Leadership Institute (ALI, South Africa) – Leadership; Diversity & Inclusion


2000-2003, Anglo Maccauvlei Learning Academy (South Africa) – LeadershipKnowledge Management


2000-2001, Kagiso Leadership School (South Africa) – Leadership


Non-Academic Experience (Experience in Industry and Business):

Jun 2019-present, Oxford Acuity (Singapore)

Managing Director: Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Practice


Jul 2018-present, bountiXP (Westlake, South Africa)



Mar 2017-present, Achievement Awards Group (Westlake, South Africa)

Shareholder/Director (previously only a Non-Executive Director Dec 2007-2017)

Feb 2001-present, LICM Consulting (Constantia, South Africa)

Shareholder/Managing Partner


Apr 2006-Jul 2019, Novartis International AG (Basel, Switzerland)

International Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council Member (Chairperson, as of 2010)


Jan 2013-Jun 2019, International School of Cape Town (owned by Education Development Trust UK) (Wynberg, South Africa)

Non-Executive Director


Jan 2012-Jun 2018, Power Group – Construction & Property Development (Blackheath, South Africa)

Non-Executive Director


Feb 2010-Jul 2016, Helderview BMW (Somerset West, South Africa)



Aug 2009-Jun 2013, World Economic Forum (WEF) (Geneva, Switzerland)

Global Agenda Council Member (Talent & Diversity)


Aug 2010-Jun 2011, Cornerstone Institute of Higher Education (Claremont, South Africa)

Non-Executive Director


Jan 2007-Dec 2009, National Health Service (NHS) (London, UK)

Head of the International Advisory Faculty, Pacesetters Programme (Diversity & Inclusion)


Oct 2006-Jan 2009, Performance Through Inclusion SA (Plumstead, South Africa)



Mar 2003-Dec 2008, Axius Publishing (Journal for Convergence) (Parkwood Jhb, South Africa)

Chief Editor & Advisory Board Member


Dec 2003-Apr 2006, Complex Adaptive Systems (Observatory, South Africa)



Feb 1996-Jan 1997, Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT) (Simonstown, South Africa)

Research & Design Engineering Manager (Naval Electronic Systems)


Oct 1995-Jan 1996, Eskom: Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (Duynefontein, South Africa)

Computing Engineer in Nuclear Engineering


Jan 1995-Sep 1995, Transnet: Spoornet & Metro Rail (Kimberley & Cape Town, South Africa)

Regional Engineering Manager


Jul 1989-Feb 1990 & Dec 1988-Mar 1989, Golden Spur & Cincinnati Spur (Newlands & Pinelands)

Restaurant Manager


Apr 1989-Jul 1989, Fairmount High School (Grassy Park, South Africa)

High School Teacher (Maths & Science)


Oct 1987-Dec 1987, Katz International Corporation (KIC) (Waterfront, South Africa)

Audio-Visual Technician


Oct 1986-Sep 1987, Radio Autosonic (Cape Town, South Africa)

Electronic Technician


Oct 1986-Sep 1987, SA Naval Dockyard (Simonstown, South Africa)

Electronic Mechanician Artisan & Apprentice

My Publications

Summary (237 total publications)

  • BOOKS: 12
  • BOOK CHAPTERS (Peer-Reviewed): 32
  • ARTICLES/PAPERS (Peer-Reviewed): 88
  • CONFERENCE PAPERS (Peer-Reviewed): 23
  • CASE STUDIES (Peer-Reviewed): 5
  • REPORTS / BOOKS (Non-Peer-Reviewed): 3
  • OP-EDS/CONTEMPORARY MEDIA (Non-Peer-Reviewed): 70
  • THESES / DISSERTAIONS (Peer-Reviewed): 4


  1. April, K., Dharani, B., & April, A. (2023). Lived experiences of exclusion in the workplace: Psychological & behavioural effects. Bingley (UK): Emerald Publishing.
  2. Dharani, B., April, K., & Harvey, K. (2021). The poetic journey of self-leadership: Leadership development along stages of psychological growth. Randburg (SA): KR Publishing.
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  1. Sihela, J., & April, K. (2024 forthcoming). Decolonising DEI knowledge and practices in Africa: Embracing the Bantu-Kongo concept of Mbongi. In C. Erbil, & M. F. Özbilgin (Eds.), Handbook of research on global diversity management (pp. tba). London, UK: Edward Elgar.
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LICM Consulting

LICM Consulting is a management consulting firm, operating globally and specializing in: LEADERSHIP, INCLUSION & DIVERSITY, COACHING and MENTORING.

Over the years, since inception in 2000, LICM Consulting has carried out its work all over the globe, in countries like Denmark, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Brazil, South Africa (SA), Namibia, Botswana, United States of America, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai (UAE), and Australia.

Some clients that we are currently working with, and have previously worked with are:


  • Discovery (Global)
  • Actuarial Society of South Africa (SA)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Global)
  • ANZ Bank (Australia)
  • Standard Bank (Global)
  • ABSA Audit & ABSA Legal (Africa)
  • Old Mutual (SA)
  • Sanlam (SA)
  • First Rand – First National Bank, Rand Merchant Bank, WesBank, Ashburton (SA)
  • Momentum/Metropolitan (SA)
  • Liberty (SA)
  • Zurich Financial Services (Global)
  • ABN AMRO (Global)
  • African Banking Corporation (Botswana, Zimbabwe, SA)


  • Novo Nordisk (Denmark)
  • National Health Service (NHS) (UK)
  • Novartis (Global)
  • Sandoz (Global)
  • Discovery / AIA (Global)
  • Bayer (Germany)
  • Scottish Health Exec (UK)
  • Beiersdorf (SA)
  • Oliver Tambo Healthcare Programme (SA)
  • Johnson & Johnson (Global)


  • SABMiller & SAB (SA & Europe)
  • Edrington (Scotland)
  • Kelloggs (UK)
  • Pioneer Foods (SA)
  • National Brands (SA)


  • MultiChoice (Global)
  • MNET Supersport (SA)
  • Independent Newspapers (SA)


  • Anglogold Ashanti (Global)
  • Impala Platinum (SA)
  • NamDeb (Namibia)
  • Debswana (Botswana)
  • De Beers (SA)
  • De Beers Marine (Namibia)



  • Achievement Awards Group (SA)
  • Neurozone (SA)
  • Performance Through Inclusion (UK)
  • IBM (Global)
  • Gaiasoft (UK)
  • Aephoria Partners (SA)
  • IRG (SA)
  • ICap (SA)
  • IQ Group (SA)



  • WoolTru (Woolworths-Truworths) (SA)
  • METRO (Germany)


  • Starwood Hotels (Qatar)
  • Arabella-Sheraton Group (SA)
  • Sun International (SA)


  • Dutch Police Service (Netherlands)
  • Namibian Office of the Prime Minister (Namibia)
  • Dubai Government (United Arab Emirates)
  • Presidential Leadership Programme for SA Government DGs, DDGs and HoDs (SA)
  • Department of Labour (SA)
  • Department of Public Works (SA)
  • Northern Cape Government (SA)
  • Department of Education, Western Cape (SA)
  • CSIR (SA)
  • Correctional Services (SA)
  • Ports Authority (SA)
  • Members of Parliament (SA)


  • Young Presidents Organisation (YPO, Africa)
  • African Leadership Institute (UK)
  • European Leadership Platform (Netherlands)
  • de Baak Institute (Netherlands)
  • Louisiana Fellows (USA)
  • Rotary Club (SA)
  • REAP (SA)
  • Planned Parenthood (SA)
  • Girls & Boys Town (SA)


  • Lufthansa (Germany)
  • Dutch Railways (Netherlands)
  • MAN / VW (Global)


  • Petronas (Malaysia)
  • Shell International (Global)
  • Chevron (Africa & Middle East)
  • BP (SA)
  • SASOL (SA)
  • RWE (Germany)
  • Innogy (UK)
  • Thames Water (UK)


  • Bosch (Germany)
  • MTC (Namibia)
  • Etisalat (Abu Dhabi & Dubai)
  • Nokia (Finland)
  • Oracle (UK)
  • MTN (SA)
  • Microsoft (SA)
  • Complex Adaptive Systems (SA)
  • Emerald Technology Outsourcing (SA)
  • Ixchange (SA)
  • Schneider Electric (Africa)


  • Duke Corporate Education (DukeCE, USA)
  • Said Business School, University of Oxford (UK)
  • Ashridge (UK)
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Netherlands)
  • International School of Cape Town (SA)
  • Morehouse College (USA)
  • National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services (UK)
  • Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (USA)
  • HEC Paris (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris) (France)
  • Kellogg Business School (USA)
  • Cranfield University School of Management (UK)
  • Namibia Polytechnic (Namibia)
  • Geert Groote Instituut (Netherlands)
  • University of Amsterdam (UvA, Netherlands)
  • Cape Education Department (SA)
  • Maccauvlei Learning Academy (SA)
  • WITS Business School, University of Witwatersrand (SA)
  • Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), University of Pretoria (SA)
  • Kagiso Leadership School (SA)
  • University of Cape Town Department of Social Development (SA)
  • University of Cape Town Department of Student Affairs (SA)
  • Cornerstone Institute (SA)


  • Achievement Awards Group (SA)
  • Neurozone (SA)
  • Performance Through Inclusion (UK)
  • IBM (Global)
  • Gaiasoft (UK)
  • Aephoria Partners (SA
  • IRG (SA)
  • ICap (SA)
  • IQ Group (SA)


  • Power Group (Africa)
  • Holcim (Switzerland)
  • Fletcher Insulation (Australia)
  • Granbuild (SA)
  • NMC (SA)

My Books

My Poems

  • LEADING FROM VALUES - What of truth? It is gold What of moral character? It is the biggest prize Values though. Enables truth Brings light to the dark. Enables the genuine The enduring, true voice inside … among the multiple voices that could be Whispers true all day long. The voice speaks inside. In its domain we wander. Awake...

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  • I CAN BE YOUR KEEPER - Voice to me all of your dreams Let me hear the pain and struggle which forged it Show me your scars, in narrative Speak your fear, in fear I can be its keeper   Share with me all that is within your heart The melodies and the dissonance Sing it out Shout it out But...

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  • JOURNEY ENDED - What was Is   What could be Eventually Did   What I could be I became What I always had to be Finally
  • WEEKEND RAINS - There are mornings In the surrounding garden Slight of sound A cooler touch to the skin A broken-up humid air Time has no place!   The rain trickles, softly One hears it fall gently on the paving Randomly creating its own pools Brown grass awaits – sustenance indeed Parched soil invites more of the rain...

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  • SYNCHRONICITY - Many forcesSome seen, some notInterlacedPushing towards an outcomePresents the happeningAppearing as a wholeSome notice, some not Individual wishes Through conscious purposing Engaged willHoping for an outcomeOblivious to the unseenSome aware, some not Hindered by other purposingOthers Separate Some aligned, some notCompromised outcomeNo-one has willedSome happy, some not This poem speaks to the many, meaningful so-called...

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  • NECESSARY IMPERFECTION TO ENACT CHANGE - You are the change Being of service To the world Others   Requires not a sense of belonging   Requisite imperfection, vitality required Energy from the world’s dark abyss Bourne out of necessary suffering Out of disconnection, across boundaries With vision – granted   While being in the world Seeing the lack of flow Not...

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  • BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION - Grief Can be silent, unseen Felt loss, hardship, trauma Loneliness Learning imperfection   Left flawed Broken The heart’s usual whispers overtaken   And invites us to be who we really can be Anew   Our heart is called upon to break But Small memories, shadowed delights Brings repair Richness, imperfection Colour to one’s soul Not...

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  • STOP FIGHTING WHOLENESS - Forcing things My strived-for persona is becoming obscure Why fight my darkness? Perfection remains tiring and demanding Elusive mostly Why not release all parts?   I am not sure What sits beneath the surface   Have I ever known Unconscious to me, it lurks   My deeply scripted self is tainted Must be tainted –...

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  • SILENCE - Silence Long my enemy Demands my attention   Silence Is a form of fluidity Not an enduring stillness … never stationary Often welcomed Sometimes rejected   In silence My stories come Incomplete With present anxiety Fast, uncontrolled   During silence I seek to choose Symmetry … control of my stories Inspiring vistas, grounding spaces I...

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  • MEMORIES - Pictures in my mind Dreaming Yesterday’s joys Not far away Treasures, gifts, details Some, fading with time   People fire-blazed on my heart Smiles, tears, fragrances, connection, meaning Grow stronger For moments, brief moments, deaf to everything else Back with them I am able to pretend Half-escapes Treasures time cannot destroy Cannot be erased  ...

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  • JOURNEY TO BEING ME - Ungrounded … my blessings are numerous But does nothing for my remembering of why I am here   I am grateful for being able to keep my core intact Yet, temporary discipline loss, causes my eyes to drift from what matters Only to be consumed in the commoditised, modern word Excellence forsaken – status quo...

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  • OWNING FORGIVENESS - Forgiving … it demands from me Accountability Justice I am committed to its importance   It is difficult to break the cycles of orthodoxy Enmeshed in patterns of negativity and destructiveness It is difficult to unlearn habits Difficult to remember the past truthfully Difficult to embody   God’s forgiveness is the only true lesson To...

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  • DELIVERANCE - We all have the mark   Chained, pretending No embrace Not there consciously Our masks perfected   But whispering shadows from within Wants self-forgiveness Necessary, and essential A letting go   Deliverance – she will not be forced   No plan is necessary But connection our genuine seeks Our social brain, our empathic heart Unchain...

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  • THE WALK - Being open in the moment Wandering Without technique Open to all Transforming   Being ready Flexible With spontaneity Open to surprise No Words, but thought   Purposeless wandering Towards and away Places, people, nature   Delays tap into my artistry Blocks refocus my momentum Rules seem temporary Delay is useful Stopping moves me on in...

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  • AN EXAMINED LIFE - Competing orientations Uncertain outcomes Ambiguous demand   Simply thinking about things Before acting With unconscious action Does it merit your existence?   Mere existence, convention Not enough Dragged by others’ dramas Rendered less-than by others’ desires Swallowed by the shadow urgings of custom and simplicity   A worthy life Surely must be examined, observed Actions...

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  • ENDURING LOVE - I learnt that mature love Depended on your willingness Your willingness to engage, deeply   You taught me that mature love required patience Waiting for your readiness, our readiness Readiness to respond Readiness to give   I had to choose to be meek, to be vulnerable Not knowing what would happen In order to find...

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  • QUESTIONS AS GIFTS - The questions of others are gifts   You pause You consider   You need to hold them lightly So as not to injure their delicate embrace   You are given these Gifts To hold To take, deep within your heart Within your soul   Your attentiveness will cause them to emerge To hatch To birth...

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  • ACTIONED PURPOSE - The quest for purpose beats deep within Is there an answer? My ancestors call out My genetics want to intervene But, I want to be so much more Maybe less   To be different To make my own choices   The seeds are in my soul, my body They are connected when in flow Through...

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  • MATURE LOVE - Dependence on another’s willingness   Love requires patience Waiting for another’s readiness Readiness to respond Readiness to give   One has to choose to be meek Not knowing what would happen In order to find the powerful – the Other It’s a conscious choice, a mature choice It requires a handing over of power To...

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  • IN THE FLOW - When in the flow Being a vessel Cultivating what needs to emerge   Whether in solitude or busy-ness Whether in my disciplined routine or in chaordic moments Meaning emanates – work, relationships A larger me appears   Freed of shame No hint of guilt Suspension of judgement And raised in my awareness I consciously and...

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  • INAUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP - Inauthentic leadership In the moment In the long-term Manifest often in expressive, destructive emotions   Not just for the individual   Dissonance diffuses Contagious emotions One, others, team Helplessness abounds Organisations and communities, too   Appearing political at best Mainly toxic at worst, at its core   Negativity demands attention and focus Judgement sets in...

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  • ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH - Born with a need to be To be counted To be among the best Never satisfied, always seeking Always striving   From a distance Mediocrity looks blissful Ironically – peaceful   How to meander through life Seemingly without purposeful aim Not troubled by choice, personal choice Devoid of common good judgement Yesterday, today and tomorrow’s...

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  • NEVER ALONE - We are born alone, and then embark on life’s road But we are never quite alone   Our parents initially Still others The family, the friends, teachers, colleagues   And if we still feel alone We only have to look to the mountain Such awesome beauty, that shines with delight With clouds hanging low, a...

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  • HOW BLESSED WE ARE - How blessed we are For men and women Brown and Yellow Black and White Who had patient hearts Who acted on our behalf Who moved with cautious respect With tentative dialogue With slight compromise   How blessed we are That they acted on our behalf Putting family at risk Scarring their own relationships Entering a...

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  • THE PAST IN THE NOW - I do not see the world as it is I do not see things as they are There is an intruder on my present experience   I do not fully know me As I am, as I really am As I could be … whole!   I am seeing me as I am, now A...

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  • THE DANCE - I watched my baby cry, and grow I see his smile – he recognises emotion, he notices   What a wonderful world   I’ve danced aimlessly On my own, holding hands with him, as a family Our hands touch, our heads touch He makes an honest comment which leaves us laughing, deeply laughing I love...

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  • INNER THEATRE - You cherish the notion that you’re in controlHoweverUnderlying all action, all thoughtIs your shadow, your unconsciousSo often out-of-awareness, but so influential You need to embrace it, to navigate the paradoxical nature of life Make sense of grandiose others in your inner theatreMake sense of your childish helplessness in your inner theatre Use your imagination, use...

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  • WHOLE, BUT NOT COMPLETE - Wholeness is an experience I had to first believe it – truly believe it, before I experienced it I know it now – finally, deeply I know it to be real I feel it   I know the day it happened When the years-long process came to fruition But with words – these symbols –...

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  • HE IS OUR SPACE - First there was effort Then conversation Oh how we talked – of us, of them, of life of the things that matter, of things that last   Then a kiss, and communion We shared our dreams, we shared our hopes And we compromised We also learnt to shape the compromise We planned our outcomes, we...

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  • FOR BLISS - Nothing real can be threatened Yet Again and again, it defeats me This reliance, by fearful individuals, on their unconscious dreamsThis reliance, by wishful individuals, on momentous directionThis reliance, by unconnected individuals, on the externalThis reliance, by hopeless individuals, on othersThis reliance, by esteem-less individuals, on relationships that reinforce their sense of selfThis reliance, by...

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  • ODE TO WORTHY TO BE LOVED - There you are.  Is that you, really you? My life has just begun – you’ve entered my heart, my mind Just to be close to you, for a moment – Can I?  Will you? Reach out and touch my hand, please Oh worthy to be loved, who are you Why does my soul recognize you. ...

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  • I AM BECOMING - I’m tired I want time to notice whom I’m becoming Every day I’m faithful, there’s more at stake Every year I’m faithful, there’s more possibility But I want my innocence back   I’m tired I must slow down, to give more To hold those close to me, above the possibility Not knowing But being able...

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  • WHAT IF - What if you could be whole – truly whole What if I am more than you see   But   If you can’t see me, I am unable to engage you If you think my pain is different to yours then you can’t see me, and be with me What if you were truly awake...

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  • LET GO - Come to the edge and trust … you, not me   I can not take you where you need to go Have to go A lighter pathway requires that you drop the heavy bonds Make new, lighter bonds Create new ones Act now, do not wait to react For in you lies the pathway to...

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  • LEADING FROM VALUES - What of truth? It is gold What of moral character? It is the biggest prize Values though. Enables truth Brings light to the dark. Enables the genuine The enduring, true voice inside … among the multiple voices that could be Whispers true all day long. The voice speaks inside. In its domain we wander. Awake...

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  • RELENTLESS - He looks for the signs, the space, the way that things will emerge, will form Be moved Out from intention, spiralling from a centre A core The shape that things will take To come forth in     So that he, a pathwork of black and white Touched black in his heart His inner Touched...

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