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OWNING FORGIVENESS – Kurt April (Kuala Lumpur, 3rd December 2015)


Forgiving … it demands from me



I am committed to its importance


It is difficult to break the cycles of orthodoxy

Enmeshed in patterns of negativity and destructiveness

It is difficult to unlearn habits

Difficult to remember the past truthfully

Difficult to embody


God’s forgiveness is the only true lesson

To help me narrate the truth about my life, my darkness

Dying a death to my old self, my old selfishness, my old self-concern


A true reconciliation through costly forgiveness

Facing the truth about others

Reconciliation of brokenness

Restoration of communion

Living anew

Cultivating appropriate sorts of passions

In transformative relationships


I am called to disciplined living

Through inhabiting exemplar spaces

By exhibiting good character

In favour of establishing a committed community of forgiveness




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