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JOURNEY TO BEING ME – Kurt April (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19th May 2016)


Ungrounded … my blessings are numerous

But does nothing for my remembering of why I am here


I am grateful for being able to keep my core intact

Yet, temporary discipline loss, causes my eyes to drift from what matters

Only to be consumed in the commoditised, modern word

Excellence forsaken – status quo argued for, emotionally demanded


Such pain and suffering is essential though, even as I want no part of it

Not to be measured by all, I have and will do love

Self-love and other-love … in order to serve


Succumbing to the call from God

Where my service meets the world’s greatest needs

The necessary shift has begun … a life shifting from seeking importance to one of significance


Ultimately, we decompose slowly or burn brilliantly


I did not come into the world to prove anything

But ended up spending the majority of my life doing so

Defining moments, defining people, living history – placing questions on my heart

Questions I did not consciously ask for … my chaotic dance

To eventually be comfortable in my own skin, being authentically me


The hidden became seen – my harmonious calm

The powerful symphony of my life plays on

As I consciously add verse by verse


Now unbounded, as blessings remain








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