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STOP FIGHTING WHOLENESS – by Kurt April (14th October 2017)


Forcing things

My strived-for persona is becoming obscure

Why fight my darkness?

Perfection remains tiring and demanding

Elusive mostly

Why not release all parts?


I am not sure

What sits beneath the surface


Have I ever known

Unconscious to me, it lurks


My deeply scripted self is tainted

Must be tainted – feels tainted

Needing to accept that

Embracing that

No longer protecting, pretending, holding back


The deeper callings of my soul remain chained

As I refuse to listen

As I refuse to talk


Nervousness persists

My world

Fragile … I believe


That part, the secret me

Condemned by me

Sanctioned into the roots of my reactivity

Needs care, needs befriending

A reconciliation with myself


My inner forces beckon

Shedding needs to happen

I need to face myself; introduce myself

No more condemning

Remove judgement



I am light and darkness






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